Copywriting par excellence!

I love words. I mean, I really love them. In fact, if you listen to a few unscrupulous individuals who know (and love) me, they may say I love them too much. But I don’t need to speak all the time to love words. I love the way they look, and I can always picture how a word will look in Avant Garde or Eras.
Louise Scott - Go Social - Social Media
In fact, when I hear a word I don’t know, or one that sounds intriguing, complex or lyrical, I just have to find out what it means. Really means. As in, the whole lexicology of it!

I adore playing with words, and this comes across in the way that I create copy for my clients. Whether it’s for a website, a product or service, a blog, a newsletter, a post, I craft my beloved words to frame, describe, delight and promote.

Speak to your ‘right people’ in a way that resonates with them. Draw them in to hear your story, your message, your passion…What is it that you want to say?

  • Website copy: Visit Get Organised, ilovebello and Sentrel for examples of SEO and keyword-rich copy evidencing the ‘nature’ of the client’s online personality.
  • Newsletters: SEO copy, linking and research, Mailchimp.
  • Blog management: regular contributions and relevant research – I have access to all client website administration panels.

$70 per hour