Manage LinkedIn – Your Online Resume

Leverage the power of the world’s fastest-growing site for professionals. Create your online digital resume and  make your profile stand out. Get your name, and your business, in front of industry recruitment professionals, and capitalise on business-to-business relationships.
Louise Scott - Go Social - LinkedIn
 Let's work together to establish your online resumé
  • Establish a LinkedIn profile using your email, password and client username
  • Claim your LinkedIn URL
  • Liaise with you via phone, email or Skype  re: relevant information for inclusion in profile
  • Adjust settings and manage notifications
  • Create links to social media channels and Website
  • Craft an innovative profile heading
  • Select relevant industry profile
  • Upload a profile image
  • Document relevant education, in appropriate order with support information
  • Develop a professional 'Background Summary' statement with relevant keywords
  • Craft your 'experience' profile for maximum impact
  • Using keywords to enhance your specialities
  • Connect with 5 interest groups
  • Collect 3 recommendations upon liaising with you for contact information
  • Create opportunity to ‘share’ your work and interests via blogs app and Slideshare - if relevant
  • Full profile creation with all of the above features with relevant comprehensive client contact to ensure thoroughly crafted content.


Please note: Admin privileges will be transferred to client upon payment of invoice.