The purpose of social media is to engage with other individuals and create a ‘personality’ for your brand and products.People are more internet-savvy these days and generally prefer to do business with an individual or business that is known to them as trustworthy and transparent.
Louise Scott - Go Social - Keyboard

The value of using Facebook and Instagram LinkedIn, blogs and newsletters as platforms for interacting with clients and prospects is that they give integrity to a business, especially when managed with a considered strategy across all of the business marketing efforts.

Social media is the primary interactive medium for many businesses to communicate with their clients and can provide a platform to generate leads and for capturing email information for your database. Social media can create the opportunity for you to establish yourself as the 'go-to' person or business in your industry.

Learn how to use and monitor the social media component of your business. Knowing how to maximise the functionality and appearance of your social media profiles, integrate them into your marketing strategy and communicate effectively with your tribe is essential to creating significant impact upon your fan base.

I offer tailored Training solutions for your business or individual needs. Facebook alone, for example, requires an average of 6 - 10 hours of intensive training, usually in 2-hour blocks. Managing a business Page on Facebook requires strategy and artfulness more than time, however you need to understand the complexity of the program to maximise its potential.

$70 per hour

Charged in a minimum of 2-hour blocks. At your business or at my computer.