'People are tired of being 'marketed to'

Instead, they want to connect with real people and real companies that care about the world and care about people

With the proliferation of social media and social networking platforms, the online conversation is growing louder and louder

In such an environment, it’s difficult for any company to hide behind its walls and present a faceless voice. Instead, you would be wise to adapt to the trends of openness and authenticity and to show your customers the real you'

Rich Sloan, Co-founder of ‘Startup Nation

Two distinct Facebook Training modules

Facebook for Business

Discovering Facebook

A 4-hour workshop intended for business owners who have just established a Facebook Business Page, and who are ready to develop it. An overview. How to make Pages work, establish settings, understand functionality, and post valuable content.

Set up the core structure, personalise the Page to suit your business, learn how and what to post, and make use of the different tools that Facebook gives you to make life easier. Find out about engagement and reach. Understand why it’s important to engage with your clients. Discover useful strategies and tips. Get the best apps. Get organised.

Advanced Facebook for Business

Use Facebook with Intention

This in-depth, 6-hour workshop is ideal for focused business owners who have already launched, and run, a current Facebook Business Page, and who are ready to drill down into more of its features and benefits.

Learn how to engage with your clients online. Develop engagement and reach. Learn the difference between Boost and Ads, and link Instagram to Facebook Pages. Discover useful strategies and pick up useful tips. Get the best apps. Get organised.

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Couple this course with ‘Introducing Instagram’ and ‘Mastering Instagram’ and grow your social media exposure with less work and more intention.

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