Your iPhone is one of the most expensive pieces of technology that you own

Are you using it to its full potential?

Make sure that you are getting full value from your investment by setting it up to suit your needs.

Integrate all of the apps and systems that you need, and use all of its time-saving features.


Your iPhone - your very own PA

Most people don't take the time, or don't know how, to set up their phone to suit their style of communication

It's incredible how much time can be wasted trying to make something work each time you use it, being distracted by unnecessary alerts, repeating basic functioning that can be streamlined, and how many people do you know that ever use the 'dictate' function...or even know who Siri is!

Learn how to:


Install, delete and/or activate all of your apps.
Edit privacy and notifications settings - keep your information to yourself.
Streamline your workflow (particularly for social media).
Really use all of the features of your phone.
Start using dictation - see how much time it saves!
Get to know the beautiful Siri - your own personal PA ­čÖé
Synchronise your devices (iPad, Mac and PC) with iCloud and Photo Streaming.
Truly understand your usage, and keep your costs down.

Available as private training, or as 2 workshop modules for groups:

Understanding iPhone

A compact and focused 2-hour workshop for basic and intermediate iPhone users. Explores settings, features, privacy and organisation, best apps, and time-saving tips.

Learn how to access features to optimise your iPhone relationship, personalise your experience, and get to know your device. Have fun, fast-track common tasks, and get organised.

iPhone for Business

This up-level, 2-hour workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to save time, achieve tasks, and generate ease and joy with iPhone. Get organised with social media, image management, and best apps.

Learn how to access features to optimise your iPhone experience. Economise time in your business and generate ease and joy with your device.

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